03 – The Reds, Wheels and Stomachs are a Churning

April/May 2019 — Okay, we think we got this. After 29 years Paul’s childhood team, Liverpool, is making a historic run to win the English Premier League and we scream with Francisco Hernandez, one of the organizers of the Liverpool Football Club Supporters of Sacramento, during a telly match at de Vere’s Irish Pub. The Mad Hatter, aka, Brandon, goes nuts for Big Wheels at the 19th Bring Your Own Big Wheel event on the curvy streets of San Francisco with our videographer, Arnold Chavez, in the driver seat. Then Paul meets up with the Booze Cruise Captain, also Brandon (see a theme here?), for four-alarm fun at the 8th Annual Sacramento Beer and Chili Festival where we clear the air on which hot stuff pairs best with which hop stuff. To help Liverpool, known as the Reds, raise a Cup we score a Kölsch. Why not a Red? Listen to find out. In the meantime we enjoy this time-tested beer from Cölner Hofbräu. (PUB STUDIO, MODESTO, Calif.)