Paul ponders the view of Castle Peak.

04 – We Get Tapped, High and Roam the World

June 2019 — Like Forrest, we are RUNNING. Paul leads Dustin Sudweeks, a trail scorching mountain biker who wants to get into mountaineering, up to the summit of Castle Peak to bag his first real winter mountain ascent. Brandon taps into the minds behind Tapped Apple Cider and quickly learns the cider house rules about drinking 16 ounces while working for this Salida-based company. Yes, we said cider. Finally, Paul trades travel stories with Ciara Torres, a wanderlust soul whose passport pages looks like a colorful fireworks display. She talks about traveling alone, volunteering in South America, her passion for photography and what country stamp will be next. To honor some of our guests’ love of IPAs, and clear the air of why Brandon is drinking cider, we are choosing a Hazy IPA from Blaker Brewing called Pineapple Milkshake.

Paul gives the thumbs-up for his snow-carved, tented accommodation.
Paul gives the functionality of his snow-carved table a thumbs up during a well-deserved break before he ascends Castle Peak in the Tahoe National Forest. Again.
Paul poses atop Castle Peak.
Paul poses atop Castle Peak. Did he lose Dustin along the way? Did Paul just use the self timer on his camera and race up the hill for this photo?
As proof of their ascent, Dustin and Paul took a selfie at the top of Castle Peak.
Dustin and Paul capture their ascent of Castle Peak because, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around …? And some people are just addicted to taking selfies.
Brandon poses with one of the Tapped Apple Cider business in Salida, Calif.
Brandon, sporting the blue gloves and letting his goofiness take over, hangs with a more reserved, yet laid back-looking Corey Martin of Tapped Apple Cider in Salida, Calif. The city is located just north of Modesto on CA-99.
Brandon poses with the crew of Tapped Apple Cider in Salida, Calif.
The Tapped Apple Cider crew pose proudly while a distracted Brandon oggles “Frank” with his costume envy. Left to right: “Dr. Emmett Brown,” “Frankenstein,” Corey Martin, Life in 16 oz. host Brandon McCarty, and Wells Mounday.
Ciara poses in front of a mountain lake.
Ciara has an incurable case of wanderlust.