PHOTO: At the entrance to Timothy Taylor's, a sign depicts what the brewery looked like in the 1860s. The only remaining structure s)ll standing today are the steps leading from the brewery to the mill. (Life in 16 oz./Paul Wade)

06 – We Travel to the Land of Yorkshire Puddings, Cask Ales, and Lots of Castles

Paul goes Full Monty on us by traveling to his birthplace in Jolly Olde England and drives over 1600 miles in nine days on the wrong side of the road searching for the perfect pint and best fish and chips. Next, he scores a Golden Ticket to tour a brewery held in high regard there – Timothy Taylor’s. Finally he meets up with his British cousins and asks them hard hitting questions like, “What is Spotted Dick?” and “If you speak English why can’t we understand you?” To make sure we aren’t thrown in the Tower of London we savor the liquid gold known as Timothy Taylor’s Landlord Pale Ale. That and our usual craic so have a listen while enjoying your next pint with some fish and chips.

Timothy Taylor’sMalham Cove / Ribblehead Viaduct / Skipton Pie and Mash / Alnwick Castle / Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island / Lindisfarne Causeway / The Cottage Inn, Dunstan / Bamburgh Castle / Jervaulx Abbey / Middleham Castle / Woolly Sheep Inn, Skipton / The Yorkshire Hussar, Markington / York Dungeons / Miller’s Fish and Chips, Haxby / Rooster’s Brewing Company, Harrogate / The Railway, Liverpool / Visit England / Park Bistro, Linlithgow (Scotland)Housesteads Roman Fort – Hadrian’s Wall, Haydon Bridge /  Doune Castle (Scotland)

Timothy Taylor's Landlord, our feature beer for this month's podcast
This episode’s featured beer is Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, an award-winning British beer Paul discovered on a previous trip to England. (Life in 16 oz./Paul Wade)
PHOTO: Barolin Farm House, Markington, England
Paul’s home away from home in England, also known as Barolin Farm House in Markington. In a previous incarnation, the structure was used to stable horses. The 8 bedroom, 8 bathroom home is located next door to the world famous Yorkshire Riding School. (Courtesy photo/Michelle Halpin)
Photo: Miller's Fish & Chips in Haxby
Paul searched for 1627 miles for the perfect fish and chips and can say that Skipton’s Woolly Sheep Inn and Miller’s Fish & Chips in Haxby ranked in his top three. Please note that this is pretty close to what fish and chips should look like – light batter, fish filling under all of the batter, proper chips (steak fries is as close to what America calls them), lemon wedge, malt vinegar, mushy peas on the side (but not too mushy). (Life in 16 oz./Paul Wade)
PHOTO: Beer sampling at Rooster's Brewing Company
One of many samplings of the 16 beers at Rooster’s Brewing Company’s taproom, established in 2018 in Harrogate, had to offer in both cask and keg, can and bottle. (LIfe in 16 oz./Paul Wade)


PHOTO: Paul with the Bill Shankly statue at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool
Paul poses with a statue of Liverpool Football Club’s legendary Bill Shankly at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool. (Courtesy photo/Michelle Halpin)
PHOTO: Drumlanrig Castle
Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries, Scotland. It is also known as Lord Sandringham’s Belhurst Manor on Starz’s Outlander. (Courtesy photo/Michelle Halpin)
Doune Castle in Scotland is also known as Castle Leoch on Starz’s Outlander and as Winterfell on HBO’s Game of Thrones. (Courtesy photo/Michelle Halpin)
PHOTO: Paul's family
Paul, wearing red, poses with his family before heading off to Scotland to finish up his trip to the UK. (Life in 16 oz./Paul Wade)