Your Life in 16 oz. hosts, Paul Wade and Brandon McCarty, hold up their pints of beer to toast their Life in 16 oz. listeners while recording their December 2019 podcast.

10 – We Get Rescued, Drink with Modern Day Monks, and Pedal Our Ass Across America

This episode we go walking, no climbing, in a winter wonderland and speak with a Mount Shasta rescue Ranger. Next, we break hops with modern day monks who combine scripture and brewing heavenly nectar. Finally, we saddle up with a determined cyclist who peddled coast to coast for a good cause. That and our usual craic on Life in 16 oz.

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Five holiday-themed beers are shown lined up and ready to be opened and tasted during this month's podcast.
This month’s episode features an assortment of holiday-themed beers. They are, from left to right: 1) Sleighr Winter Ale from Ninkasi Brewing Company; 2) Jubelale, a Deschutes Brewery winter ale; 3) Ridgeway Brewing’s Lump of Coal Dark Holiday Stout; 4) St Bernardus Christmas Ale, a quadrupel Belgian abbey brown ale; 5) Rise & Pine, a “hoppy dark ale” aka an American black ale, from Uinta Brewing. (Life in 16 oz./Paul Wade)
Nick Meyers poses for a photo on a steep, snow-covered slope of Mount Shasta slope.
Nick Meyers pauses to show the ice and snow conditions while patrolling the east side of Mount Shasta. (Courtesy photo/Nick Meyers)
Nick Meyers poses with three fellow climbing rangers on the side of a snow-covered mountain.
Nick Meyers and fellow climbing rangers take a picture from their base camp during a multiple day patrol of the mountain. (Courtesy photo/Nick Meyers)
Nick Meyers is seen skiing up a snow-covered mountain on backcountry skis.
Nick Meyers enjoys “skinning” uphill  on backcountry skis as the ascent and descent are more enjoyable. ‘Skinning’ requires an adhesive “skin” be affixed to the bottom of each ski to provide better traction for climbing uphill while wearing them. (Courtesy photo/Nick Meyers)
Nick Meyers poses next to a tent on a snow-covered slope.
Nick Meyers and a fellow climbing ranger set up camp at the hard stand near Helen Camp in Avalanche Gulch. The stand is a permanent tent foundation used by Forest Service rangers and Boy Scouts of America. (Courtesy photo/Nick Meyers)
Nick Meyers is seen hiking up a steep, snow-covered cornice on Mount Shasta.
Nick Meyers kick steps along a cornice while headed to a launching point to ski down Mount Shasta. (Courtesy photo/Nick Meyers)
Kevin Whitehouse of Brethren Brewing stands at a beer station, ready to pour.
Kevin Whitehouse stands ready to serve a pint to churchgoers during their Thursday night service in downtown Manteca, Calif. (Life in 16 oz./Brandon McCarty)
Dan Machado of Brethren Brewing Company holds and speaks into a mic to convey the beer drinking rules for their fellowship gathering.
Dan Machado lays down the drinking rules during fellowship with the Brethren Brewing Company outreach church service in Manteca, Calif. (Life in 16 oz./Brandon McCarty)
A crowd of people, seated and standing, mingle over beers during a gathering with Brethren Brewing Company.
A crowd gathers for fellowship and beer during a typical Thursday night church meeting with the Brethren Brewing Company in Manteca, Calif. (Life in 16 oz./Brandon McCarty)
Dan Machado stands in a large, empty room, part of the future site of Brethren Brewing Company.
Dan Machado shows off the future site of the Brethren Brewing Company in downtown Manteca, Calif. (Life in 16 oz./Brandon McCarty)
Dan Machado shows off several small rooms at the future site of Brethren Brewing Company.
Dan Machado shows off the future site of the Brethren Brew Company brewery in downtown Manteca, Calif. (Life in 16 oz./Brandon McCarty)
Michele Arnold kneels down to pose for a photo with a comfort dog, with her bike and ten plush dogs behind her.
Michele and one of the dozen comfort dogs she met along the way. The life-like plush dogs sit on a table that accompany each dog when they visit hospitals and people in need of comfort. (Courtesy photo/Michele Arnold)
Parked alongside rows of grape vines sits the white Novara Carema bike that Michele Arnold purchased for her ride across America.
The bike that rode across America. Michele says her old one was a little outdated, so she replaced it with a bike that could ready her for the trip and get her through the challenges she would encounter along the way. She replaced her old one with this Novara Carema performance bike she picked up at an REI. (Courtesy photo/Michele Arnold)
Michele is seen standing with her bike on the wet shores of each coast in a split photo, with one side showing Day 1 of her journey alongside one of Day 32.
Ocean to ocean. From Day 1 to Day 32, Michele dipped her bike tires into the water of each coast. (Courtesy photo/Michele Arnold)