A bottle of Stone Brewing's Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager stands next to a can of AleSmith Brewing Company's Sublime Mexican Lager.

15 – We Order To-Go Munchies, Peddle and Paddle Virtually and Go Day Trippn’

This episode we order to-go from gourmet food trucks who are rolling along and feeding your community. Next, a company who specializes in pedaling and paddling puts the brakes on in order to stay afloat during the pandemic. Finally, miss day trippn’? We speak to a business that offers the things you long for so you aren’t rippn’ your hair out. That, and our usual craic on this episode of Life in 16 oz.


Gourmet Food Trucks (08:55)
Beer Dome (Intro) – Mexican Lager Showdown (27:35)
Pedaling and Paddling (31:48)
Day Trippn’ (47:17)
Beer Dome (Concl.) – Mexican Lager Showdown (57:44)

SactoMoFo / Roaming Hunger / Sac Brew Bike / Sac Brew Boat / NorCal Trippn’Sublime / Stone Brewing / AleSmith Brewing Company


Food trucks a public street while their numerous patrons enjoy their meals and conversation in a neighboring city plaza.
SactoMoFo’s food truck events cater to a wide variety of palates. They specialize in catering and public events such as the one seen here prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. (Courtesy photo/SactoMoFo)
Masked during the COVID-19 pandemic, a worker aboard the Buckhorn BBQ Truck gives the thumbs up while boxing meals for distribution.
A Buckhorn BBQ Truck worker boxes meals to be donated to formerly homeless women and children at Saint John’s Program for Real Change in Sacramento (@SactoMoFo via Facebook)
A masked worker with Azteca Street Tacos carries a box full of food they will donate.
An Azteca Street Tacos worker prepares to donate meals to formerly homeless women and children at Saint John’s Program for Real Change in Sacramento. (@SactoMoFo via Facebook)
Paul and Brandon of Life in 16 oz. sit with Jimmy and Chris of Sac Brew Bike aboard one of their specialized bikes while parked on the street in Sacramento.
Paul Wade and “Booze Cruise Captain” Brandon McCarty of Life in 16 oz. hang with Sac Brew Bike’s Chris Ferren-Cirino, blue shirt in rear, and Jimmy Fremgen on one the company’s specialized bikes in Sacramento. Check out this month’s show to find out more about Sac Brew Bike and their plans to keep customers safe when they are able to re-open. (Courtesy photo/Sac Brew Bike)
A Sacramento Beer Frontier map on the wall of Sac Brew Bike features a little beer fermentation tank-type icon where each of the area's fifty-nine breweries are located.
A Sacramento Beer Frontier map of Sacramento Valley breweries is displayed at Sac Brew Bike’s 19th Street location. The map shows the locations of 59 area breweries. The September 2019 version of this ‘Heartland of West Coast Beer’ map at sacbeerfrontier.com now features 72 breweries in the Sacramento region. (Life in 16 oz. photo/Paul Wade)
A profile view of Sac Brew Bike's specialized bicycle is shown.
Sac Brew Bike’s unique ride puts their own spin on the traditional pub crawl. Their six brew bikes can accommodate up to 15 people each, allowing group reservations for up to 90 people. They have a local sister company too, called Sac Brew Boat. (Life in 16 oz. photo/Paul Wade)
A gift basket full of relaxation products is shown along with a special note from NorCal Trippn' to the recipient.
A gift basket from NorCal Trippn’ invites you to Spa-in-Place. It features an online yoga link, facial kit, bath bomb, detox tea, relaxation candle and more. All products are from locally-owned small businesses within the Sacramento area. (Life in 16 oz. photo/Paul Wade)
A can of Ale Smith Brewing Company's Sublime Mexican Lager lies next to a bottle of Stone Brewing's Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager
We decide it’s Cinco de Mayo ALL month long and feature Mexican-themed or inspired beers. AleSmith Brewing’s Sublime Mexican Lager goes head-to-head against Stone Brewing’s Buenaveza Salt and Lime Lager in this show’s BEERDOME! (Life in 16 oz. photo/Paul Wade)