The SquareOne is shown on a bar counter next to eight pints of beer. The body of the keg is shorter than the height of the pints.

Half-Pint Edition: Square Keg

Welcome to Life In 16 oz., the “Half-Pint” edition. These are stories we find between episodes, that simply need to be told. So, here’s a chance for you to get the 8 oz. version of our show, without all the nonsense from your annoying hosts. We hope this holds you over until we can meet again… Cheers!

In this episode we speak with Tim Loucks about his revolutionary beer keg products that will single-handedly change the brewing industry as we know it!

The Square Keg / SquareOne Kickstarter

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Feature photo: The Square Keg’s personal use-sized SquareOne model holds up to 128 oz. of beer, the equivalent of eight pints of beer. Several larger, stackable models are planned. (Courtesy photo/The Square Keg)