Host Brandon McCarty poses in his lederhosen with a ginormous beer-filled stein in each hand.

20 – We Get Spooked and Do Some Irish Keening

This episode we use our PKE meters and commune with a ghost hunter who investigates the spirit world. Next, have you heard the legend of the banshee? We speak with an Irish seanchaí (shawn-a-key) about the folklore of the wailing woman. Finally, what’s scary good? This Oktoberfest beer in my hand! And I declare “O’ZAPFT IS!” Oktoberfest festival beers square off against each other in this month’s BEER DOME competition. That, and our usual craic in this episode of Life In 16 oz.

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Show Notes

  • Beer News (4:31)
  • Charlie Snyder (Part 1), Ghost Hunter
    East Coast West Ghost Paranormal (13:31)
  • Charlie Snyder (Part 2), Beer Aficionado
    Beer Sports and Catharsis Show (40:46)
  • Beer Dome – Oktoberfest Beer Battle – Intro (45:30)
  • Danielle McCormick, Irish Seanchaí (47:45)
    Legend of the Banshee (one take) / Irish Folklore
  • Karl Blake, P. Wexford’s Pub Patron (55:48)
    Legend of the Banshee (another take) / Irish Folklore
  • Beer Dome – Oktoberfest Beer Battle – Finale (1:01:38)



D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. / Charlie Snyder (YouTube) / GhostStop / Wonder Box / The Washoe Club / The Whaley House Museum / Beer Sports and Catharsis Show with Charlie Snyder / Stone Brewing Company / Ballast Point Brewing Company / Make Earth Magical (YouTube) / Darby O’Gill and the Little People / Andy Paciorek (Facebook) / Flying Dog Brewery / Dust Bowl Brewing Company / Hacker-Pschorr / Pocock Brewing Company / Samuel Adams


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The Banshee
By Andy Paciorek (with permission)

A piece of art by Andy Paciorek depicts the image a wailing banshee from folklore.
(Artwork by Andy Paciorek)

Also known as: Beansidhe, Bean-Si, Benshee, Fairy Woman, Woman of the Hills, Bachuntas, Badbh-Chaointes, Cointeach, Wailers, The Keener, The One Who Keens, Mna-Sige, Mna-Sidhe, Cyhiraeth, Cyraeth, Cyoerrath, Cyhyraeth, The White Lady of Sorrows, The Weeper, The Skree, Caoineag, Caointeach, Fear-Sidh, Seinn-Bais, Death Music, Tolaeth, Ghost Sounds, Bocanachs, Bowa.

The wail of the Banshee (known as the Keening) is said to be heard either by the person whose death is imminent, or by someone closely associated to them. People with a strong Celtic bloodline are considered more likely to encounter a Banshee, and some old families may hold a peculiarly strong bond with one of these creatures. This is sometimes thought to indicate a distant Fay strain within their genes but others have suggested an earthier, more sinister reasons for the connection.

The finger points at certain reputedly Banshee-ridden families with the accusation that one of their ancestors murdered a young lady, possibly a pregnant mistress or other similar unfortunate, and so it is believed that their descendants must carry a reminder of this shame for evermore.

The shadow of this sin falls at the approach of their darkest hours and may be specifically regarded as being a Hateful Banshee. To those who have not heard the Banshee’s cries (and count themselves lucky for this), it is often imagined that this must be a loud, dreadful noise and sometimes it has been reported as such (usually in the cases of Hateful Banshees), but not always. Sometimes her Keening was described as being oddly melodic and strangely comforting, especially if heard by someone who was old and failing, had endured a long, discomforting illness or was of a family favoured by the Faeries. □

For even more banshee folklore, check out Banshees at My Irelands Past.  



How on Earth did our hosts come up with these Beer Dome results? Listen to the show to find out what they were thinking … and tasting, smelling, and feeling!

  • Dogtoberfest Marzen – FOURTH
    Flying Dog Brewery,
    Lager – Märzen / Oktoberfest, 5.6% ABV, 30 IBUs
  • Pococktoberfest – SECOND
    Pocock Brewing Company, Santa Clarita, California
    Wheat Beer – Dunkelweizen, 5.4% ABV, 24 IBUs
  • OctoberFest – THIRD
    Samuel Adams, Boston, Massachusetts
    Lager – Märzen/Oktoberfest, 5.3% ABV, 16 IBUs



The interior of a large and empty ballroom floor shows a blackish, amorphous distortion captured on camera. There is also an amorphous shadowy distortion to the left of it. The blackish distortion is somewhat reminiscent of a Rorschach inkblot test..
Image captured in the Washoe Club ballroom by Charlie Snyder and his team at East Coast West Ghost Paranormal. The club, formally known as the Washoe Club & Haunted Museum is located in Virginia City, Nevada. It claims to be, “… one of the most haunted locations in the West.” Learn more about this particular investigation by listening to this month’s podcast. You can watch several videos of East Coast West Ghost Paranormal’s investigation of the Washoe Club on Charlie’s YouTube page. (Courtesy photo/East Coast West Ghost Paranormal)
Charlie Snyder stands in front of the property associated with the Amityville horror film. Unlike in the 1979 movie, the house is painted a lighter color and the curved-on-one-side windows that looked like a set of eyes on the third floor are now rectangular. The home looks friendly, thought the metal fencing at the front of the home looks like it's there to keep the sightseers from wandering onto the property.
Charlie Snyder of East Coast West Ghost Paranormal poses in front of the now infamous house from the 1979 film The Amityville Horror. The dwelling is on Long Island in New York. (Courtesy photo/Charlie Snyder)
Charlie Snyder smiles while holding a glass of an unnamed Imperial Stout.
Charlie Snyder, ghost hunter with East Coast West Ghost Paranormal and the host of the Beer Sports and Catharsis Show. Just in time for Halloween, Charlie talks to us about his ghost hunting exploits and some of the gear he uses. And, of course, tells us about his favorite beers. (Beer Sports and Catharsis Show photo/@beersportscatharsisshow via Facebook)
A freshly-poured, stemmed-glass of W00tstout stands alongside a can, bottle and packaging of the same.
Stone Brewing Company’s collaboration officially known as “Drew Curtis / Wil Wheaton / Greg Koch – Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout.” Most just call this seasonal beer “W00tstout” (note the double zeroes). It’s an Imperial Stout with 13.5% ABV, 65 IBUs, and BeerAdvocate score of 92 (“Outstanding”). (Stone Brewing Company photo/@StoneBrewing via Facebook)
A fresh-poured, mocha-colored stemmed-glass of Xoxoveza posed next to a can of beer of the same name.
Stone Brewing Company’s Xocoveza. Referred to as a “winter-spiced mocha stout” on Stone’s website, the makers were inspired by Mexican Hot Chocolate spices, pasilla peppers and such. This American Imperial Stout has an ABV of 8.1%, a bitterness rating of 50 IBUs, and a score of 97 (“world-class”) at (Stone Brewing Company photo/@stonebrewing via Facebook)
A six-pack of Ballast Point's Victory at Sea beer are shown alongside a gloved hand holding freshly-poured, stemmed-glass of the same.
San Diego, California-based Ballast Point Brewing Company’s Victory at Sea. The Imperial Porter, flavored with vanilla and locally-sourced coffee beans, has an ABV of 10% and bitterness rating of 60 IBUs. It has a score of 98 (“World-Class”) at (Ballast Point Brewing Company/@BallastPoint via Facebook)
Five Oktoberfest-style bottles and cans beers are pictured in an actual, table-top, miniature boxing ring.
Five contestants battle it out in the ring during this episode’s BEER DOME competition to find out which Oktoberfest-style beer reigns supreme. Pictured from left to right: 1) Dogtoberfest Marzen, Flying Dog Brewery; 2) Oktoberfest Specialty Lager, Dust Bowl Brewing Company; 3) Oktoberfest Märzen, Hacker-Pschorr Bräu GmbH; 4) Pococktoberfest, Pocock Brewing Company; 5) OctoberFest, Samuel Adams. (Life in 16 oz. photo/Brandon McCarty)
Two enormous Erdinger brand beer steins accompanied by homemade German pretzels and mustard, atop an Oktoberfest-themed tablecloth.
Paul’s backyard Oktoberfest, complete with German food and ginormous steins of beer.
Life in 16 oz. host Brandon McCarty, clad in lederhosen, holds out a plate piled with Oktoberfest-style sausages in one hand and holds onto his enormous beer-filled stein with his other hand.
Brandon offers up Oktoberfest fare to eat at Paul’s backyard Oktoberfest. (Life in 16 oz. photo/Paul Wade)