A bottle of Bifrost and a can of Electric Reindeer bookend several stuffed snowmen.

23 – We Start 2021 On A Low Note

This episode we discover the world beneath our feet and speak with a geologist and caver who descend into the upside down. Next, we warm up to 2021 by drinking beers inspired by the winter season in our first BEER DOME of the new year. That, and our usual craic in this episode of Life in 16 oz.

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Show Notes

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Skip to Caving / Anna Harris, Geologist (19:04)

Skip to Caving / David Love, Glacier Grotto (35:01)

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Russian River Brewing / Bell’s Brewery / DG Yuengling & Son Inc / Clam Lake Beer Company / Elysian Brewing Company / Sun King Brewing / National Speleological Society (Caves.org) / Mammoth Cave National Park / Tongass National Forest

For more information about the Glacier Grotto organization or if you would like to go caving with them,  contact David Love at pandalid@yahoo.com.



  • Electric Reindeer
    Brown Ale – American, 5.5% ABV, 23 IBUs
    Sun King Brewing, Indianapolis, IN
  • Bifrost
    Dark Ale – Winter Warmer*, 8.3% ABV, 58 IBUs
    Elysian Brewing Company, Seattle, WA*
    Elysian classifies this beer as a Winter Pale Ale, but BeerAdvocate.com classifies it as a Dark Ale, specifically the subcategory beer style called Winter Warmer.


  • What is lidar?
    Lidar – Light Detection and Ranging – is a remote sensing method used to …. Published by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Anna Harris dons a her helmet and other caving gear as she protrudes from a very small, rocky cave entrance.
Glacier Grotto member Anna Harris poses for a picture before entering the Beaver Falls Karst cave on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. (Courtesy photo/Glacier Grotto)
Cavers Connie and David make their way through a narrow cave; Connie smiles for the camera.
Connie LaPerrier and David Love, members of Alaskan caving group Glacier Grotto, explore Roaring Road Cave on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Formed in heavily calcite-veined Heceta Limestone, Roaring Road Cave contains a stream flowing throughout. (Courtesy photo/Glacier Grotto)
Caver Johanna handles two ropes tied off above her as she descends further into a vertical cave passage.
Johanna Kovarik, president of the caving group Glacier Grotto, practices her repelling techniques. (Courtesy photo/Glacier Grotto)
Caver Kevin Allred starts a slow, vertical descent into a wide, steep cave entrance from the forest-covered rim of El Capitan Pit.
Glacier Grotto caving group member Kevin Allred descends into El Capitan Pit back in 1989. The cave is located in the Tongass National Forest on Prince of Wales Island, Southeast Alaska. The initial drop of the El Capitan Pit measures approximately 598 feet. (Courtesy photo/Glacier Grotto)
Cave Pete shown in silhouette, leaning against the side of a light-filled cave passageway.
Pete Smith, a member of the Alaskan caving group Glacier Grotto, rests for a moment while exploring Blowing in the Wind Cave in the Tongass National Forest, Prince of Wales Island, Southeast Alaska. (Courtesy photo/Glacier Grotto)