Three cans of beer with a Star Wars-ish theme called Size Matters Not are seen alongside three cans of psychedelic purple lava lamp-looking beer cans. All six are superimposed onto a Tron movie-ish-looking background also reminiscent of a Tron movie.

27 – We Think, Drink And Digitize A Pint

This episode, get your Medulla Oblongata ready because we question a quiz whiz. Next, we fill our pints with ones and zeros and talk to a video game company who are bringing beer-making to the digital world. Finally, with a pocket full of quarters, we go for a high score with brews from an arcade-themed company, in this month’s BEER DOME competition. That, and our usual craic on this episode of Life in 16 oz.

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Show Notes

  • Skip to Beer News – 2:36
  • Skip to TTodd Virtual Trivia – Intro – 7:35
  • Skip to Thomas Todd, Trivia Host Extraordinaire – 10:46
  • Skip to Witty Guest Roasts Hosts – 11:42
  • Skip to Beer Dome – 8 Bit Hazy IPA Battle – Intro 44:32
  • Skip to Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator – Intro 49:05
  • Skip to Peter Wellington and Matt Bone, Brewmaster Producer and Lead Designer, respectively, at Auroch Digital 52:20
  • Skip to Beer Dome – 8 Bit Hazy IPA Battle – Finale 1:18:12



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Cosmic Groove
IPA – Hazy DIPA, 9% ABV, No IBUs
8 Bit Brewing Company, Murrieta, California

Size Matters Not
IPA – Hazy IPA, 7.4% ABV, No IBUs
8 Bit Brewing Company, Murrieta, California



Biceps brachii, the sommelier’s muscle
Wineries and fitness people seem to be the only ones touting, “Did you know it takes 14 muscles to open a bottle of wine?” This blog post illustration of a sommelier’s arm ‘cutaway’ of them opening a bottle of wine looks more credible than a bunch of ’14 muscle’ memes on the Internet. Paul must have been listening to a wine ad on the radio when he heard the aforementioned quote! No idea what we’re talking about? Then listen to this month’s episode of Life in 16 oz. ‘Biceps’ blog post published by Leif Saul.

Jeopardy! Show #6971, Monday, December 29, 2014
All the nerdy data you could ever want from the episode in which our guest, former Jeopardy! contestant  Thomas Todd, appeared. Includes answers contestants chose, graphs of their progress throughout the episode, dollar amounts, etc. Includes the final Jeopardy! round information Thomas refers to in our interview with him. Published by J! Archive.

A Moral Battle Cry for Freedom
Our guest this episode, former Jeopardy! contestant Thomas Todd, refers to author Solomon Northup dedicating his book Twelve Years a Slave to a noted female author of a very famous novel. Find out more about her and her most famous book. Published by Harriet Beecher Stowe Center.



This episode we talk to trivia whiz and former Jeopardy! contestant Thomas Todd, seen here with Alex Trebek on the set back in 2014. Find out how this guy went from hitting the local pub for quiz nights in college to having a full fledged career in trivia. Bonus: Mr. Todd unleashes some witty banter and burns on our hosts. (Courtesy photo/Thomas Todd)
Matt Bone and Peter Wellington superimposed on a background featuring a slightly blurred close-up of a hops plant.
Life in 16 oz. interviewees Matt Bone, left, and Peter Willington, with Auroch Digital of Bristol, UK. Both are working on Brewmaster, a brewing simulator game due out in 2022 for PC, Xbox, Playstation and Switch. Lead designer Matt and producer Peter tell us all about it so you can put Brewmaster on your wishlist, ideally your Brewmaster Steam Wishlist! And of course, they’ll tell us who their favorite brewers are in the Bristol, UK area where they work. (Courtesy photos and photo illustration/Matt Bone, Peter Willington, Michelle Halpin)
Thomas Todd poses wearing a mask and holding a pack of toilet paper.
Thomas Todd, trivia host extraordinaire poses during the pandemic with his coveted package of toilet paper. Todd started a business during the pandemic called TTodd Virtual Trivia that took off quickly. Listen to this month’s episode to hear all about it. (Courtesy photo/Thomas Todd)
Button up sweater vest-wearing Thomas Todd glares at the camera, fists on hips, eyes squinting at the camera like the picture taker is in trouble.
Thomas Todd joins us this episode to tell us how he stumbled into hosting quiz nights at his local pub. The former Jeopardy! contestant also lands some witty burns that can’t be missed. (Courtesy photo/Thomas Todd)