The five beers featured this episode.

29 – Bar Stool Chat with Brian Yaeger and Session Beers

In this episode, Paul has a “bar stool chat” over the phone with a certified beer expert and digs into the beer industry from all angles. Forgoing a BEER DOME competition, we drool over session beers and styles that get our livers worried. That, and the usual craic on this episode of Life in 16 oz.

Show Notes

  • Skip to Beer News – 1:14
  • Skip to Intro to Guest Brian Yaeger, Beer Expert and Writer 12:07
  • Skip to Bar Stool Chat with Brian Yaeger 14:15
  • Skip to Featured Session Beers; What is a Session Beer? 25:19
  • Skip to 16 Questions “Game” with Brian Yaeger 41:31
  • Skip to 16 Qs Sidebar: Price Limit for a Pint 46:15
  • Skip to 16 Qs Sidebar: Palette Fatigue 1:10:43
  • Skip to Tom Jones, Paul’s Mom and a Handkerchief 2:23:06
  • Skip to Bar Stool Chat Closing Comments, Brian and Paul 2:33:20
  • Skip to Beer Dome – Featured Session Beers Smackdown 2:35:03
  • Skip to Beer Dome – Show Close and Outro 2:36:46



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FEATURED BEERS – Session Beers



The five beers featured this episode.
Featured beers for Episode 29: Societe Brewing Company’s The Coachman, a session IPA; Allagash Brewing Company’s River Trip, a Belgian-style session ale; Pizza Port Brewing Company’s Ponto, a session IPA; Eureka Brewing Company’s Pils of Creation, a hoppy pilsner; Anderson Valley Brewing Company’s Black Rice Ale, a brown ale. (Life in 16 oz. photo/Paul Wade)
Brian Yaeger smiles and holds up two, stemmed glasses of beer.
Episode 29 guest Brian Yaeger. He’s a certified cicerone (a certified beer server), a cider professional, author of multiple books, beer curriculum developer, college instructor, etc., etc., etc. Listen in to hear Brian’s thoughts on everything from which featured beer Paul should try during the show, to how much he’s willing to pay for beer, to singer Tom Jones , to his thoughts on session beers, to what brewery he just visited that he says is fantastic and that everything they make is pretty much awesome. Hmmm. (Courtesy photo/Brian Yaeger)
Cover of Brian Yaeger's book, Oregon Breweries.
Published in 2014, Oregon Breweries is just one of Episode 29 guest Brian Yaeger’s works. Listen in for loads of great craft beer info and great bar stool style chit chat with this certified beer expert, an actual cicerone and beer writer at large. And instructor. And beer tourist. And …. (Courtesy photo/Brian Yaeger)