Life in 16 oz. raises a pint to the explorers, the adventure seekers, those wanting to break from the norm, to fill their glasses with memorable experiences, and basically have a good time. Your hosts, Brandon McCarty and Paul Wade, feature stories of interesting people and events, engage in some tomfoolery and talk our usual craic while enjoying a theme beer. Or two. Come join us and tell us, “What’s in YOUR pint?”

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Brandon McCarty
Brandon looking smug.
Brandon McCarty, Life in 16 oz. Co-host

Born and raised in Modesto, California, the same place that George Lucas, Jeremy Renner, James Marsters and Timothy Olyphant are from. Graduated from Grace M. Davis in 1995.

I studied acting and radio at Modesto Junior College, but I didn’t graduate because I was preoccupied with landing a dream job at the local radio station. Worked in the promotions department at FM 104.1 The Hawk.

From there, started a family and went to work at Modesto Junior College in the campus safety department (didn’t see that coming).

Became bored with that, joined the California Army National Guard and learned many skills as a public affairs photojournalist. (I can write and shoot photos and do interviews and stuff. LOL) Met the older brother I’m glad I never had, Paul Wade, and we became two peas in a pod. Several mini deployments and then a long deployment under my belt, (Korea, Germany, Ukraine, Qatar, Djibouti) and then Sgt. McCarty signed off after eight years.

This is basically where all of the adventure begins. Mount Shasta, Mount Whitney, spending tons of money at REI, snow camping, getting a truck stuck, learning to master the game of darts, (I’ll beat PAUL any day, any place) exploring Ireland, the start of appreciating other beers besides Bud Light, (it started with Newcastle) and a plethora of wild adventures.

Became scoutmaster of a Boy Scout troop that my boys were involved in for several years. I have hiked all over the great state of California and parts of Nevada.

Lover of 80’s music, darts, bowling, hiking, costumes, movies, all genres of humor, beer, having an audience to tell stories to, yard work, all of the seasons in the great state of California and just taking it easy, man.


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Paul Wade
Paul shows his good side
Paul Wade, Life in 16 oz. Co-host

It all began when my great (300-times over) grandfather pulled the Sword from the Stone. From that great beginning and other groundbreaking discoveries from England, Bill Shakespeare, the Longbow, the Fab Four and other amazing musicians, football, Monty Python, Mister Bean and of course Yorkshire Pudding.

I, too, was born and raised under the banner of the Three Lions. When I was eight I was deported to the United States of America when my father, a spy for the National Security Agency, was told he was drinking too much Newcastle Brown Ale.

I became a “Yank” and learned about crabs and baseball in Pasadena, Maryland, and against all odds graduated high school in 1989 despite reading Dragonlance novels in class and engaging in lots of spitball battles. I spent more hours running around backyards dressed in Ninja outfits and covered in camouflage to not join the military but by simple stupid ignorance I attempted to actually attend a community college.

Then my best friend signed on Uncle Sam’s dotted line so I did the same. Why not? Turns out I was pretty good at being a Soldier. I was hired as a full-time unit clerk with my National Guard unit that would fester into a 27-year career. I did eventually graduate from community college after nine years with a doctorate in Computer Graphics. I had made it.

While now ordered to dress in camouflage I changed skill sets many times until my 10th year when I learned how to write, asking people questions and taking pictures, with a camera, as an Army photojournalist. I began a hate-hate relationship with semicolons and people who put two spaces after a period. But I loved telling a story using the mighty pen, photo and video. And still do, just add audio. Eventually, I was in charge of Army public affairs units and had the displeasure of having Brandon McCarty assigned as one of my Soldiers. After much latrine duty he shaped up to be a pretty good troop.

During those 27 years I saw the world on the government’s dime, exotic places like Egypt, Korea (the South one), Japan, Belgium, Kosovo, Hungary, Ukraine and Croatia, then added additional stamps to my passport on personal trips that tallies 26 countries so far. After I retired, I continued my public affairs and communications skills with the U.S. Forest Service where I now talk to trees.

Like Snoop Dogg I like to get high, but on mountains. I’m a peak bagger and have touched the highest point on mountains Ritter, Shasta, Rainier, Elbert, Whitney, Ben Nevis (Scotland), Carrauntoohil (Ireland), Scafell Pike (England) and other points in various states (Mount Kilimanjaro is next). I am a gear hoarder, dart player (although I can’t hit the damn bullseye), ice hockey goon, was an ultra-marathoner trail runner, am a self-proclaimed artist (I love Bob Ross), homebrewer and I get into more side hobbies than should be allowed.

And now we have a podcast.

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